General dentistry

Restorative dental treatments offered include:

We currently offer smile design with veneers, crowns and bridges & free 30 minute consultations for cosmetic dental treatments at our London Cosmetic Dental clinic near Harley Street, W1.

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Dental implants

Using the principles of osseointegaration we use dental implants to replace teeth. Dr Richard Marques uses the Bicon system.

This has been used since 1985 to replace teeth. It is an American system developed in Boston where the headquarters are still based. The principle of surface area rather than length enables us to provide the most comfortable implants possible.


A dental bridge makes use of advanced ceramic to replace teeth. The advantage of a bridge is that it can be completed in as little as 2 weeks.


A dental crown is used to protect a tooth by covering the whole surface with either porcelain or gold.

Treatment of nervous patients

By developing the most gentle methods of dentistry we are able to treat even the most nervous of patients. We also offer oral and intravenous sedation for the utmost comfort.

Childrens dental treatment

Dr Richard Marques enjoys treating children and families as well as adults. We are able to use preventative measures to ensure your child has the best teeth possible from an early age.

Harley Street Dental Practice

Contact Richard today on 020 7637 1672 for a standard dental studio appointment, or 07528 696946 if you are in need of an emergency dental practice appointment.

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