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We are a leading dental practice in the Harley Street area.

When you come to Dr Richard Clinics London dental implant specialists we offer:


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Rita Ora

“Dr Marques is a true professional – his dental expertise, charming personality and great team make any visit to his dental practice a delight.”

Rita Ora
Russell Tovey

“Dr Marques is a very very good dentist, honest, clear and kind and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve a nicer smile.”

Russell Tovey
Tom Daley

“Dr. Marques is always a pleasure, welcoming, friendly and above all else, a really good dentist!”

Tom Daley
Joey Essex

“I am often complimented on my reem white teeth and have no hesitation recommending Dr Richard Marques. He totally understands the importance of having a great white smile for TV and is always so helpful and a top professional in his field.”

Joey Essex
When Was The Last Time You Saw Your Smile?

“Dr Marques did wonders on my teeth. Pain-free, professional and a dentist who you could tell was proud of his work, Dr Marques always had a smile on his face and put me at ease when I was nervous about going to the dentist.”

Kevin Pieterson

“We have been so happy with the results of our smiles from Dr Richard.”

Kevin and Jessica Pieterson
Anne Marie

“Richard and his team are so welcoming and professional and make me feel at ease when visiting for any dental treatments. I’d highly recommend to him to everyone!”

Anne Marie

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are an excellent long-term option to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants can range from a single tooth implant following extraction (immediate placement) to upper and lower full arch replacements (all-on-four or all-on-six dental implants). At Dr Richards clinics in the Harley Street district in London, we use South African Southern Dental Implants. Titanium Dental Implants, are placed using the same local anesthetic we use for fillings, however the placement of dental implants can be carried out with IV sedation if our patients are nervous or require more complex treatments.

All On 4 Implants

Dr Richard Clinics are able to offer a full mouth dental implant treatment in-a-day at our dental practice at 2 Devonshire Place, London, W1G 6HJ, near Harley street in Marylebone. This advanced same day full mouth implant procedure offers a much better alternative to having to wear dentures. It’s also an excellent solution for dealing with loose or ill-fitting dentures.

All On 6 Implants

All on 6 dental implants are designed for patients who have lost a significant number of teeth. The titanium dental implants are fixed into the upper or lower jawbone enabling a full dental bridge to be attached.

Using six implants in the upper jaw will strengthen the hold and allow for possible implant failures, meaning All on 6 dental implants are more desirable than All on 4 particularly for people who are smokers, people with diabetes and people with gum disease who are unfortunately at higher risk of dental implant failure.

Emergency Dental Appointments in Harley Street

If you require an emergency dentist appointment, our team is on hand to treat you. We offer emergency dental treatment at short notice, subject to availability, to both our regular clients and one-off visitors, so there is no need to delay your dental treatment until you can arrange an appointment with your usual dentist.

We can treat the following dental emergencies:

  • Broken or chipped teeth
  • Lost crowns or veneers
  • Abscesses
  • Toothache
  • Painful wisdom teeth
  • Gum problems
  • Teeth and mouth problems following an accident

Delaying emergency dental treatment can cause complications, so we recommend that you seek emergency dental care as soon as possible.  We have appointments at times that are convenient to you including weekends and evenings, subject to availability.

We might have an emergency dentist available today, call 07528 696 946 to book the next available appointment.