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People generally need root canal treatment when they have a painful infection or damaged dental pulp in the root canal.

Root canal treatment Harley Street

People generally need root canal treatment when they have a painful infection or damaged dental pulp in the root canal. This generally happens in teeth that have been damaged or have significant decay or large fillings. Treatment involves removing the infection or damage and disinfecting the canal before sealing it with a filling or crown.

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What happens in a root canal?

The root is the part of your tooth that anchors it into your jaw. You will need root canal treatment if a tooth is damaged or if a decaying filling allows bacteria to invade and infect the soft pulp that makes up the center of the tooth. Symptoms of a root canal infection include pain when chewing or when eating hot or cold food and drinks; your tooth may also feel loose. If you leave the tooth untreated, further symptoms could include experience swelling in the gum and cheek around the infected tooth that could develop into an abscess, as well as the tooth becoming darker and pus draining from it.

Can root canal infection go away?

An infection in the root canal cannot repair itself, so it is vital that you seek treatment as soon as you start to experience symptoms. If you leave it too long, the damage may become irreparable, and you could end up losing the tooth.

An X-ray will confirm a diagnosis, and treatment will be necessary. Under local anesthetic, your dentist will drill into the tooth in order to uncover and remove the infection. They will then disinfect the canal, fill it, then the tooth will be sealed with a filling or crown. How long the procedure takes will depend on the infected tooth – your front teeth and incisors have one root canal, but your molars have two or three roots, each containing one or two root canals, so they will obviously take longer to treat.

Recovering from root canal treatment

In the days following treatment, you may suffer discomfort in and around the tooth, which is something you can relieve with over-the-counter painkillers. Your tooth may also be sensitive for a few days. Avoid using the tooth to bite or chew on harder foods until it is fully healed.

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