Your Trusted Emergency Harley Street Dentist in London

Treatment for Emergency Dental Problems

An unexpected dental emergency can cause a major disruption in your life. The abrupt development of toothaches, shattered teeth, or recurrent gum problems can be quite difficult. This is where Dr Richard Clinics, your trusted and skilled emergency dentist in London, comes in.

Comfort and Convenience

We realise how painful and unpleasant dental emergencies can be. Our top priority is to provide timely and effective emergency dental care while prioritising your comfort and well-being. Don’t put up with unnecessary discomfort; contact us immediately for assistance.

emergency dentistry london
emergency dentistry london

Flexible Scheduling to Suit Your Agenda

Acknowledging the demands of your bustling life in London, our emergency dental care is meticulously designed to align with your schedule. You can book an emergency appointment at our dental clinic during your lunch hour, after working hours, and even on weekends.

We Offer Payment Plan Options and 0% Finance

We understand the financial problems that are frequently linked to dental emergencies. We provide various payment plans and 0% financing to ease this stress, ensuring that your urgent dental care remains reasonable.

emergency dentistry london
emergency dentistry london

Central London Accessibility

Strategically situated in the heart of the esteemed Harley Street district in Marylebone, Central London, our dental practice offers convenient access to both residents and visitors for your dental emergency appointment. We realise the anxiety that dental emergencies can cause, and our commitment is to create a friendly and comfortable environment for you.

Experience the relief of immediate, expert care with Dr Richard Clinics – your steadfast partner with expert emergency dentists on hand. We offer an expert emergency dental service, if you require further treatment at our dental practice, for example, a follow-up to an emergency root canal treatment or gum infection, we offer an excellent treatment finance option to cater to all our patients.

Emergency Dentistry in London

At Dr Richard Clinics, we offer a comprehensive array of emergency dental treatments, including:

Shattered or Chipped Teeth

Our immediate repair services offer swift and effective solutions for shattered or chipped teeth. Our experienced team prioritizes your dental well-being.

Misplaced Crowns or Veneers

Our skilled professionals ensure that they efficiently restore the integrity of your smile with our crown or veneer replacement services.

Wisdom Tooth Discomfort

Our skilled team provides expert care to alleviate the discomfort often associated with wisdom teeth. Ensuring you receive effective and prompt pain relief.

Severe Infections

Receive specialized care for severe infections from our expert team. Our advanced therapies are designed to effectively address infections, promoting healing.


Experience rapid relief from persistent toothaches with our efficient and targeted treatment solutions. Our expert team is dedicated to alleviating chronic discomfort.

Gum-Related Issues

Experience dedicated care and specialized treatment for a range of gum-related issues. Our experienced professionals are committed to addressing and resolving your gum health.

Root Canal Procedures
Experience skilled and precise root canal procedures performed by our expert dental team. Our meticulous approach ensures effective treatment, relieving pain and preserving your oral health.
Accidental Dental Injuries

Discover personalized solutions for dental injuries resulting from accidents. Our expert team is dedicated to addressing your unique needs with care and precision.


Emergency Dentistry

Our emergency dentistry services offer round-the-clock dental care when you need it most.

Doctor Richard Clinics
  • Our emergency dental services offer prompt and vital care for your dental needs in the London vicinity.
  • Booking a dentist appointment is effortless via our online platform or a simple phone call during our operational hours.
  • Appointments are conveniently available throughout the week, from early mornings to late evenings, even during weekends.
  • Our team of experts and our in-house emergency dentist are no strangers to dealing with dental trauma, this means that you can rest assured knowing your emergency dental treatment will be handled with timely and effective treatment.
  • Emergency appointments can be stressful, especially for nervous patients, we are experts at providing excellent dentistry services and pain relief.
  • Our emergency dentist handles dental trauma regularly, meaning your emergency appointment will provide pain relief and a lasting solution to your dental health.

Emergency Dental Care FAQs

Your Trusted Emergency Dentist in London’s Harley Street district

Get Treatment for your Emergency Dental Problems Now

An unexpected dental emergency causes major disruption in your life. The abrupt development of toothaches, shattered teeth, or recurrent gum problems can be quite difficult to deal with. This is where Dr Richard Clinics, your trusted and skilled emergency dentist in London, comes in.

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