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Treating a dental emergency and why it makes me happy

When I was young I damaged my two front teeth falling off my bicycle. They were saved due to an emergency dental appointment.

Since that time I have always been interested in emergency dentistry.

We offer high quality dental emergency appointments and have an emergency mobile and emergency e-mail that is monitored 24/7.

My most popular reasons for dental emergences are rebuilding broken front teeth, toothache and abscesses and problems with wisdom teeth.

Two recent cases that spring to mind include a patient who was flying to the Caribbean, but who broke a tooth the Sunday before his flight the next morning and a young child with toothache.

I was able to fit my patient in on Sunday evening, repair his tooth and enable him to go on holiday with no problems.

The young child had a pain from eating and we were able to fix the tooth so she felt comfortable and confident again.

I have even had a patient ring me on Christmas day for advice about a tooth problem (which I gladly gave!).

If I can help out patients either new or existing, it makes me feel like I have done something worthwhile.

More information about our emergency dental service is listed here.