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Thanks again for my smile

A patient of ours Hatice recently sent us a lovely review, as we wanted to share this with you in full, we thought it would be best to add this as a blog post!

“Working long hours at my job, I had a really bad habit of drinking a lot of coffee and eating lots of sweets. My teeth were quite stained and I had a few grey fillings too, I wasn’t confident with my smile at all. I visited Dr Marques a year ago to have some of my fillings replaced with white fillings and to get the enlightening whitening done. I read a lot into enlightening before the procedure and found it was the best tooth whitening currently available in the UK. A year later, and I still can’t stop smiling!

Dr Marques did wonders on my teeth. Pain-free, professional and a dentist who you could tell was proud of his work, Dr Marques always had a smile on his face and put me at ease when I was nervous about going to the dentist. And even better, he offered payment plans to suit patients! I would definitely visit Dr Marques and the team again.

I’ve been recommending you to all my friends, I hope they have been phoning you up!

Thanks again for my smile,”
Hatice, April 2015