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Skin Boosters – Like Confidence Boosters?

Or in other words, how simple facial aesthetic procedures can work on building one’s confidence back up.

Lots of ink has been spilled about the use or abuse of facial aesthetic procedures, especially by celebrities or people exposed in the public eye. Should that deter you from considering having one for yourself? The answer is definitely NO.

Although vanity may be the driving force sometimes, let‘s look at the practical side of it, as well. Would looking younger make you feel better and help boost your confidence? Then go for it!

I recommend examining the following key points:

  • Does a facial procedure have to be drastic or invasive?
  • Does it have to be painful or cost an arm and a leg?
  • And should you look like another person at the end of it?

The answer is NO to all. And of course any result is tailored to your own needs and expectations.

Combatting signs of age on the face can easily be achieved with non-invasive procedures performed in the dentist’s chair, which will allow you to function normally and to work comfortably afterwards.

Let s examine the following “10 years younger” approach:

I recently treated a fine lady in her 50s who was going through a tough time in her life. Her skin was looking dull, dehydrated and neglected. Admittedly, throughout the years, her face care regime had been very poor, resulting in a look which looked older than her age.

During consultation, I carefully listened to her, we set up the goals of the treatment and we agreed on the treatment protocol.

The objective was a result, which would look natural, definitely more youthful and would restore the health of the skin. We called it “10 years younger”.

The first session entailed a combined SkinBoosters (by Restylane) and Dermaroller procedure:

Emphasis was given in the areas around the eyes, the cheeks and the smokers lines in the lips. Skinboosters would restore the lost hydration in the areas affected, where Dermaroller would stimulate the skin itself to rejuvenate by producing more collagen and elastin.

The result on the 2nd and 4th week follow up was just wonderful. The skin was looking plumped up and radiant and the patient was overwhelmed already.

The second session involved some finishing touches by carefully filling the lines in the nose to mouth and chin area, as well as restoring the border of the lips. For this purpose, I used a hyaluronic acid based filling product called Belotero by Merz; the end result was the treated lines were smoothed away and the architecture of the lips was restored. A final injection of Restylane Vital in the lips gave the extra hydration they also needed without increasing the volume too much.

On the review appointment which followed 2 weeks later, both the patient and myself admired the amazing results achieved, the lady was looking younger, and her skin looked youthful, healthy and radiant. Most importantly, everything was executed and delivered in line with the patient’s request for a natural looking look.

The patient was truly and genuinely happy with the result which obviously reflected on her confidence levels. Beyond doubt, this is the best satisfaction a clinician can get out of such good work.

I advised the patient to return for maintenance work including SkinBoosters and Dermaroller and stressed the importance of proper home care and sun protection as always.

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