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Our dental practice featured in the Times magazine

Wimpole Street Dental are very pleased to have been mentioned in a recent article in The Times Magazine:

“We settle, initially, in the restaurant area, because it’s lunchtime and Dave thinks we might be interested in a “light bite”, as we are. However, I may be more interested in their teeth. Both Joey and Dave (who looks like Dean Martin) have those teeth that are so propah, propah, propah white they are more propah white than even Melinda Messenger’s. These teeth are so bright they could light your way down a mine.

My teeth are my old teeth, but I wish I had their teeth because I could then read Rousseau by them at night, time permitting. I find I’m not just jel, but well-jel. Once it’s been established that they’ve both had veneers, I want to know every spit and fart, particularly the cost.

“They cost me about five grand,” says Joey, “and that’s not bad, really. I think teeth are really important.” “Joey,” says Dave, “gets a deal at Wimpole Street. That is, Wimpole Street Dental.” “If I were to mention WIMPOLE STREET DENTAL,” I say, “and put it in capitals, might I get a deal?” “You would,” says Dave, “and I’m not joking.”

In Joey’s world, as in Towie’s world, much emphasis is put on social success through grooming and owning a look – Joey wears trainers two sizes too small because otherwise they “crease” – and I find I am getting sucked in. Joey says he’s about to change his teeth, in fact, because they are getting “old and goofy” and “I want smaller ones.”

Why don’t you get them done at WIMPOLE STREET DENTAL, I suggest, although for the sake of the reader, I suppose I should add there are other dental practices available, even if they’re not as good. WIMPOLE STREET DENTAL, that’s the one you want.”

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