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Why natural dental products are the latest trend in dental care

Whether for ethical or health reasons, many of us are now choosing to eat ‘organic’ and using natural products on our skin and in our homes. This trend has spread to dental care with a number of brands offering natural products. You can buy toothpaste, mouthwash and whitening products made from all-natural ingredients. The products make use of the natural properties of ingredients like charcoal, essential oils (peppermint, fennel seed, tea tree), aloe vera and silica. Charcoal, for example, is a natural absorbent that can soak up stains and plaque. And aloe vera – with its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities – has been used for millennia to soothe and heal all kinds of ailments.

Natural dental products

This growth in natural products has been fuelled in part by celebrities like Julia Roberts and Gwyneth Paltrow. But people are also becoming increasingly aware of the ‘nasties’ and harsher chemicals found in some of the conventional dental and skincare brands. You can even find natural toothbrushes made of wood or cellulose, rather than plastic; and dental floss that is both vegan and plastic-free. Even traditional techniques like oil pulling (where you rinse your mouth with oil) and cleaning with baking soda have also entered the mainstream.

Of course, as everyone knows, when it comes to good skin, it all starts from within. And it’s exactly the same with dental care. That’s why, in addition to offering natural toothpaste and mouthwash, some brands also have supplements that can help improve the strength and appearance of your teeth, like Co-Enzyme Q10, for example, which has been shown to reduce the risk of gum disease.

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