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Why Megan McKenna chose a Dr. Richard Clinics smile?

Television star and model Megan McKenna is the latest in the growing list of celebs that chose our very own Dr Richard Marques to keep their superstar smile dazzling.

With her own ‘Mouthy’ range of lip glosses, Megan McKenna knows how important it is to have a stunning set of pearly whites to match that perfect pout. That’s why she comes to Dr Richards Dental Clinic.

Our Smile Makeover – just for you!

Dr Richard Dental Clinic offers the ultimate Smile Makeover, personalised to you. Our team uses a combination of different treatments to produce a perfect smile, bespoke to every customer.

From a range of teeth whitening to beautiful veneers and cutting edge orthodontics – including crowns, bridges and implants – our Smile Makeover package is specifically made for your needs.

According to what works for you and your style, we offer a range of reshaping and teeth aligning for a natural feminine look. You can even choose one of our range of sixteen whitening shades to make your own unique shining smile.

The King of Smiles

Over years Dr Richard Marques has built a great reputation in the cosmetic dentistry world, so you know you are in good hands. Richard understands the confidence that comes from a lovely smile and has great pride in his work – he sees it every time a smiling customer comes back for a check-up!

A quick turnaround

A new smile doesn’t have to take forever. Our Smile Makeover will usually take one to three weeks, with at least two visits for brand new veneers. During any treatment, top-quality temporary solutions will make sure you still feel and look good whilst the magic happens.

Kindness and caring

Richard and his team have a tailored approach as they know everyone has their own needs and anxieties when it comes to dental care. We offer local or general anaesthetic or, where needed, diazepam can be prescribed on a case by case basis.

Richard is trained in relaxation techniques and dental hypnosis to make sure the process is as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Always ready, when reassurance and a gentle hand is needed.

Flexible payment plans

Dr Richard Dental Clinic offers 0% finance options to spread the cost of any treatments or you can pay upfront, if preferred. Finance subject to terms and conditions.

Start with a free consultation

A 30 minute consultation is all it takes to begin your Smile Makeover journey. Dr Richard Marques will outline the best treatment for you, explain how the process works and the exact costs involved. Richard will be available to address any concerns – big or small – you might have.

With Dr Richard Clinics you can rest assured you’re getting the exact right dental treatment to make you smile inside and out.

If you’d like to know more about our Smile Makeover – just like Megan McKenna – then call Dr Richard Clinics today on 020 7637 1672 for your free 30 minute consultation.