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How I stopped my patient snoring

Snoring can cause big problems. It can prevent you from sleeping properly, wake you or your partner up at night and even cause marriages to break up.

I know plenty of couples who site snoring as their main reason for lack of good sleep at night.

Responses can range from a quick elbow in the ribs to sleeping in completely separate rooms.

How to stop snoring immediately

We use mandibular advancement devices to position your jaw forward and open the airway to prevent snoring and give you and your partner a good nights sleep.

A quick impression is all that is needed to make a lightweight appliance that fits over your teeth.

There is a serious part to all of this.

Sleep apnoea (poor breathing during the night) can actually result in a lack of oxygen to the brain and can be seriously dangerous in the long-term.

These simple devices are very comfortable and can be life-changing!