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How I made my patient smile!

One of the greatest things about my job is making people smile.

The ethos of my private dental practice is that we do our best to make the dental experience as tailored, personal and gentle as possible so that it is a really positive experience for the patient!

That is why my patients leave the clinic smiling!

Another reason is that I am a cosmetic dentist.

My patient was a young woman in her mid 20s who had experienced many problems with her teeth throughout her life; due to having naturally weak enamel. This happens to many people and is due to a multitude of factors including genetics and diet.

We started by having a look at her teeth and coming up with a treatment plan that suited her needs and how she wanted her smile to look.

She chose to pay using one of our payment plans. This involves a standing order from a UK bank account and allows the patient to break the payment down into monthly payments of up to 20 months without affecting their credit rating in any way.

Over a series of appointments we were able to gently rebuild her teeth starting with the back teeth.

To finish off the treatment we used six porcelain restorations on the upper front teeth (which were badly broken and worn and had been repaired many times) and finished with a session of Enlighten teeth-whitening for the other teeth.

They looked simply amazing afterwards and the patient was very happy.

By carrying out the treatment we had truly made her look and feel great!

If you would like some cosmetic dentistry or treatment for weakened teeth please email or telephone us to book an appointment or make an enquiry.