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Get a good night’s sleep with our snoring control treatment

Do you snore? Does your partner snore? Wouldn’t you just love a good night’s sleep? Well, sweet dreams can be possible with a simple dental device from Dr Richard Clinics, near Harley street in London W1

Snoring Treatments

Heavy snoring can be a nightmare – a waking nightmare! Whether the snorer is you or your partner, it usually means lack of sleep for one, or both, of you. There’s nothing good about not getting a good night’s sleep – it’s everything from mildly annoying through to downright dangerous. Not enough sleep can cause excessive tiredness and poor concentration, which can impact on your work life, your home life and, if you drive or operate machinery, can have serious consequences

What causes snoring?
Snoring is noise from the vibration of soft tissue in your airways as you breathe. While you’re asleep, your airways relax and narrow. This affects the air pressure in your airways, and causes the tissue to vibrate.

How can Dr Richard Clinics help you slumber soundly?
We use a simple device called a mandibular advancement device. (it’s also called a ‘mandibular repositioning appliance’, or simply a ‘dental device’).
When you come in for your appointment, we’ll take a quick impression of your mouth. We’ll use this as a mould to tailor-make the lightweight device for you, so that it fits perfectly over your teeth.
It’s important that a mandibular is made just for you because it needs to be comfortable enough for you to happily wear every time you go to sleep.

How does a mandibular advancement device work?
Mandibulars open the airway by moving the lower jaw (the mandible) forward slightly. This moves the tongue forward too, which opens up the airway, allowing you to breathe easier – which controls snoring.

Always see your General Dental Practitioner (GDP)
If you’re experiencing lack of sleep, you should always go to your GDP. Snoring might indicate a more serious condition called sleep apnoea, which your GDP can diagnose and help you with. Sleep apnoea is where a person’s airways are blocked repeatedly during the night, causing them to wake up gasping for oxygen.
A mandibular advancement device can also help people with sleep apnoea by allowing unobstructed breathing, which, not only controls snoring, but also normalises levels of oxygen in the blood.

Snoring Control Treatment

Don’t buy ‘off-the shelf’
It’s important to get your device custom-made for your mouth by your dentist. Many hospitals advise against buying mandibulars sold over the internet or in shops, as they usually have a poor fit and can sometimes result in serious complications.

Sleep Apnoea Treatments

Dr Richard Clinics will put your mind at rest, by providing you with a high-quality device and an excellent fit.

For more information about our mandibular advancement devices please call us on 020 7637 1672.