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What are veneers? How much do they cost?

Everything you need to know about veneers

What are Veneers?

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that’s placed on the front of each tooth. Porcelain veneers improve your smile by covering damaged, chipped or crooked teeth and gaps, giving your teeth the kind of perfect, natural look that everyone loves. We’re often asked questions about porcelain veneers, so thought it would be a good idea to create a blog that will hopefully give you the answers you need.

How long do porcelain veneers last?

Because of the way they’re attached to your teeth, veneers will need to be a permanent part of your teeth. The surface enamel of the tooth that is to be covered by a veneer will have to be thinned and polished before the veneer is cemented onto it, which is why having veneers needs to be a permanent arrangement.

Can veneers be removed and replaced?

Yes they can. So if you accidentally damage a veneer – which could happen if you bite down on hard foods such as nuts, popcorn, seeds or hard sweets – the veneer can be repaired or replaced.

Why do veneers need to be replaced?

In the same way that anything used on a daily basis is subject to wear and tear, so are your veneers. If you take care of your teeth, gums and veneers, then you could well keep your veneers until they naturally wear out. However, they also need to be replaced if you have decay which results in the veneer separating from your tooth, or your gums recede leaving an obvious gap between your teeth and the veneers.

How often do veneers need to be replaced?

This depends on how well you maintain them. If they’re well looked after, porcelain veneers could last more than 10 years, with the possibility that you won’t need to replace them for up to about 20. However, if they become chipped or discoloured, you will need to replace them sooner.

How many times can veneers be replaced?

This is where visiting a highly skilled dentist such as Dr Richard is so important, because it depends on how much enamel is left on the tooth. Every time a veneer needs replacing, you will lose a little more enamel from the tooth. When there is no enamel left, there is nothing for the cement to adhere to and it is impossible to use a veneer. It is at this point that a crown will be needed. Therefore, the younger you are when you start using veneers, the more times it is likely you’ll need to replace them.

Do you need to have ‘sharks teeth’ to prepare for veneers?

No! Thousands of TikTok users have been sharing photos of what they call ‘sharks teeth’, where their healthy teeth have been filed down to pegs or stumps on which to place what they think is going to be a veneer. Just to be clear, there is absolutely no need for the preparation to be this invasive. Filing down the teeth is a procedure that’s used for fitting a crown, not for veneers, and can cause a lot of needless damage that will possibly result in the eventual loss of the tooth. If you would like veneers, always visit a reputable, qualified dentist such as Dr Richard Clinics. Don’t forget to make sure you check out testimonials and reviews first and see photos of other patients.

How do I find out more about veneers?

At the Dr Richard Clinic, we offer a free initial consultation to discuss your veneers with us. Contact us to book your appointment.