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Dr Richard Marques launches the natural toothpaste revolution

Natural. Biological. Organic.

Not words usually associated with toothpaste. But Dr Richard Marques is here to change that with his new range of 100% natural teeth whitening products – By Richard Marques.

Natural Tooth Paste

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Through his years of dental practice, Richard has built a reputation as the King of Smiles for transforming the smiles of the great and good. His ethos has always highlighted how much a healthy smile can lift confidence and positively impact all aspects of your life. This holistic approach in seeing dentalcare as part of overall health was key in the development of his new natural products.

Natural Teeth Whitening Tooth Paste

From personal experience, Richard observed a shift in a focus towards thinking about the provenance and natural qualities in the products he used himself every day. Richard explained that over recent years he has been consciously making ethical and natural choices in what he eats, along with the grooming and cleaning brands he chooses. So, he asked, why not extend this thoughtful and sustainable approach to day-to-day dental products as well?

Therefore, Richard handpicked the ingredients in his Super Strong Natural Whitening Toothpaste from nature. No synthesized chemical combinations briefly tested and sent to market. Instead safe products tested over time with proven effectiveness and established as safe to use. Calcium carbonate and silica are excellent natural whiteners. Tea tree oil is an effective anti-inflammatory and peppermint oil a great breath freshener. All natural ingredients that can be produced sustainably.

He has also just added the new Super Strong Natural Whitening Toothpaste Strawberry flavour. Strawberry has natural whitening properties along with folic acid, which is good for general oral mouth care. The toothpaste is even sweetened with Stevia, a plant based sweetener.

Natural Tooth Whitening Toothpaste

Dr Richard believes that your toothpaste products should work with you and your body as a whole. Along with working sustainably with natural ecosystem all around us. The new By Richard Marques 100% Natural Tooth Whitening range is the first step towards this new ethical and ecological vision of daily dental care.

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