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Why do we have to have dental fillings? Dentist educational video about tooth fillings

Dental filling educational video from celebrity dentist Dr Richard J Marques (AKA The King of Smiles).

Celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques is known as the King of Smiles. In this video, he explains why we need to have fillings and what you can do to avoid them. He also reveals some surprising tips for looking after your teeth.

At his clinic in the famous Harley Street area of London, Dr Richard Marques explains what causes tooth decay and why if can become painful, if left untreated. He also demonstrates how he creates a successful filling and what you should do to look after it.

Of course, it’s always best to avoid fillings in the first place, and in this video, Dr Richard Marques gives advice on how you can prevent tooth decay through good dental hygiene and lifestyle changes. He also explains why you should ignore the headlines and carry on flossing.

The dentist is renowned for giving his clients that pearly white smile. So which foods and drinks are the worst offenders when it comes to staining your teeth? He reveals why smoking and black coffee are best avoided and that, when it comes to teeth, it’s better to stick to tequila! The video also explains how strawberries and nuts can actually improve your smile.