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Dental check-up and clean for only £250

Dental check-up and clean for only £250 – For new patients only



Latest 2022 price £250

Buy a dental check up, teeth cleaning & dental consultation for £250 Click here to purchase.

With snow predicted this winter, everything’s all white at Wimpole Street Dental. So, why not make the most of our Smile Clinic new year offer and blast away those winter blues with a glistening set of pearly whites.

Thoroughly beautiful teeth

Start the year as you mean to go on with a full dental check-up. At Wimpole Street Dental we understand that it’s not just about your teeth but complete mouth health. Our experts do a comprehensive periodontal review to make sure that your gums offer the strong foundation that healthy teeth need.

If there’s any potential problems spotted, we are there to offer advanced gum health treatments to localised areas using topical antibiotics. So, you can be sure that for the coming year you’ve future proofed that smile.

Ready… Set…. Glow!

New year’s resolutions don’t have to be tricky to keep when you kick off the year with sparklingly clean teeth. Especially when you know you can confidently bite into one of your five a day and keep beaming through those early morning gym work outs with a winning smile.

Alongside the dental check-up, Wimpole Street Dental offers their deep teeth clean with cutting edge equipment such as Air-flow, which efficiently remove stains but is still gentle on even the most sensitive teeth.

Now it’s just up to you to maintain that fresh and clean mouth feeling for the rest of the year. So, with Wimpole Street Dental by your side, why not let good oral care be the first step towards a new you for 2017.

Smile with confidence

Wimpole Street Dental is here to make the dentist experience as easy as possible. Our Smile Clinic has been specifically developed for nervous patients to get a full check-up and teeth clean in a pleasant and reassuring environment.

Feel free to chat to our friendly team about any concerns you might have, so Wimpole Street Dental can make sure that you’ll be smiling inside and out this year.

For more information about our £250 Smile Clinic dental check-up and teeth clean, please call us on 020 7637 1672 or e mail